AI World Championship!

The final three senior teams (age 12-16) have been selected from this years AI Family Challenge

Winners and top three finalist

Congratulations to the 7500+ participants of our first AI Family Challenge. Meet our finalist teams, chosen from over 200 AI invention submissions.

Our teams will present their ideas in Silicon Valley, May 16-19th.

Senior Division

This years three teams are from Spain, Uzbekistan, and the United States of America. The US teams is led by a 12 year old student from Los Angeles (International Studies Learning Center), Noah De La Paz. His invention named "shoo", is a dog deterrent device that uses an AI algorithm to determine if a dog is in a specified area. If a dog is detected, it generates a high pitch sound, causing the dog to shoo away.

When asked why he created shoo, Noah said "I got tired of cleaning dog poop, and I don't even have a dog. So I put technology to work for me."

AI World Championship

See shoo and the other teams present their ideas in Silicon Valley, May 16-19th.

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